Posted 1w ago by @Mick1437

Crotons are just beautiful! Those speckles get me! ❤️ #SpringIntoSummer
Ohhh I love that's! It's so gorgeous!!!🤩
I had to buy one of those when I first saw it. Left the store and had to go back and get it the next day. Such a cool plant and easy to care for
@SirLiquorice so mine is tiny. I can’t walk away from little tiny ones that don’t put a dent in my wallet. BUT I saw a huge one yesterday and I DID walk away. I had a list. Hahah. But now I’m kicking myself because it was stunning and I feel I need it!
@Mick1437 yeah mine was also a baby when I bought it. It was only a 2” pot if not slightly smaller. It’s already grown a bunch of new leaves. I don’t think I would have room for a huge one. Lol. I could maybe find room somewhere but I’m at about 200 plants. I still need to add about half of them to the app I think.

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