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Last night was a watering night for 22 of my plants, incl...

Last night was a watering night for 22 of my plants, including all of my #Anthurium #PaintersPalette. I have six! I just love them so much πŸ₯° I have two red and four pink. Just thought I’d share some pics of them, because they look so lovely. And one of my red ones has a very interesting double spathe on one of the flowers! Also paying the pet tax with Mia (blond chihuahua mix), who loves soft blankets and rolls herself into a blanket burrito, and Cody (black Pom), who gets very annoyed when I water because he knows that means postponed belly rubs πŸ’–πŸΎπŸͺ΄ #HappyPlants #PlantAddict #PetsAndPlants #GregGang #Greggers #PLANTMAFIA #babevila
@Aikalovesphilos Thank you so much! 😊
@BabeVila those are such beautiful, bright colors!😻 I love your cute little puppos. Thou shall not postpone belly rubs for any reason hahaha πŸ’–
So pretty! Especially those last two πŸ˜‰
@RainbowFairy @debbiedo thank you! β™₯️
Pretty plants! Pretty pups! 🐢
All of you babies are super cute.
All those are beauties - but especially 🐢❀️
Those are so pretty!! The pups are pretty cute, too!
I have been thinking about getting the painters pallet plants
@learydarrel Do it! I got one, loved it so much, I went back and got 5 more πŸ˜‚ They are so easy to care for, and they just look beautiful all the time πŸ€—
Those Antherium are beautiful and so are there two cute little friends
@clairsheart thank you 🩷
@BabeVila All so beautiful!! Pups and plants!
I do need your tips on getting mine to flower. I haven’t seen a flower on her for a year!
@SunnyPlants thank you! I don’t have any tips though; this is pure luck lol. I think AnthuriumQueen could probably give you tips though! All hers are stunning 😍
Hi Shannon, how often do you water them, they look sooo healthy 😍
@ZingGoldenhill Hi! I give them each about a half a cup of water every 10 days or so. They don’t need much to be happy!
Beautiful! I have two but I find them difficult to care for. Mia and Cody are adorable!
@PlantHapppy thank you so much 🐾 If you ever want some tips I am happy to help and troubleshoot too! β™₯️
@BabeVila Thank you! How much light do they get? Should I set mine right next to a south facing window or a few feet from it? I know not to water much and to make sure they have good drainage. What else?
@PlantHapppy They don’t like direct sunlight, so it’s best to either put them in an east or north window (mine love the north one) or at least 3 feet from a south one, and I’d put a sheer curtain in between to diffuse the light. They like humidity so a humidifier is good but not super necessary unless your air is very dry. When the flowers start to die, I never cut them, I just let them wilt and turn brown, and then the whole stem just pops off the plant. Then you are not subjecting it to unnecessary cutting. The blooms last a very long time though. I’m at my crazy job so that is all I can think of atm, but if you have any other questions or I think of anything else I’ll definitely be back! πŸ˜‡