Posted 3w ago by @Mrgncrch

My avocado pits are doing so well I haven’t posted about them here in a hot minute but as much as it broke my heart I’m trusting y’all that told me I needed to cut them back 😢🤞🏻 #CitrusGrandPrix #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #HappyPlants #PlantAddict #NKYGregGroup #GregGang #plantmommo #Avocado
I’m sure they will grow many new branches! Avocado plants are super hardy like that!
How do they look now?
@Kenzeys_lovleys haven’t seen any progress yet!
So I'm curious... I always thought the toothpicks were meant to keep the pits at a certain level/not under water, but your toothpicks don't seem to be serving that function... Is there done other purpose for them that I'm not aware of? 🤔
@WickedValkyrie no as they drank the water they’ve fallen, ive since replaced the water and the toothpicks so they’re at the top again now!

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