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This plant was bought as a wedding present and my husband...

This plant was bought as a wedding present and my husband (he has been told off) put it in the car boot for a week and we’ve had minus temperatures. There are a couple of healthy leaves, but the others are completely floppy, a little translucent, and show no sign of picking up. I have no idea how best to proceed and save this little plant! I need advice please <3 #helpneeded #SweetheartPlant #Philodendron
4” pot without drainage
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@ShowySunburst sorry hit the send button by accident lol @HipWhitecoral is on the right track as far as propagating is the only way to save it. Remove the healthy leaves making sure you have at least 2 leaf nodes (the places where leaves grow from the stem). Put the cutting in clean filtered water (you can use rain or distilled water also) and keep it in a warm, sunny spot. Change the water every few days and after a few weeks you should start seeing roots growing ☺️ when they're about 4-6 inches long you can transplant it into soil. Use well draining potting mix (I usually add quite a bit of perlite to regular potting soil) and the pot MUST have a drainage hole. They don't like wet feet.

Hope this helps and hope she makes a full recovery πŸ’šπŸ€
I would remove the bad leaves. They take more energy than they create and won’t revive (think of plants outside, they drop their leaves and create new ones). I feel your pain… I killed a philodendron plant by biking home 15 minutes in the cold. I am considering if I can β€œsave” it with propagation…
@HipWhitecoral if the part you propagated is considered healthy to the plant and the environment conditions are right it should propogate as long as theres is enough β€œplant”
@ShowySunburst Hi and Welcome to Greg! I'm going to give you the best advice I can to hopefully save your baby.
Totally!! Forgivable!!
I would just cut off the frozen leaves and leave the good one(s) without disturbing their roots. Take good care of it and new leaves will probably be coming.