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So hubby and I went to Lowes to look at plants. Bo is his. He picked him out. Do we wait for him to grow more? Does it come out that pot? πŸ€” #happyplants #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantaddict #bamboo
You can wait and prop or you can prop now it does not matter at all but you have to quarantine the plant and if your gonna prop cut of the babies of the top and put them back in the dirt it's bamboo it will be fine
Bo is great!

Is it in dirt or water-gel-stuff? Many times the rocks are glued on and you have to just chip them away when it's time to repot.
If you dont like the medium then you might choose to repot. I tend to wait for my new plants to settle, quarantine etc
@sarahsalith the rocks are glued on. I have no idea what is under the rocks. Hubby and I were having an entertaining convo about how to get him out of there. Hubby was starting to question whether Bo was real. 🀣 I had to assure him that Bo was real and that somebody on here would know how to take Bo out.
Mine was from Home Depot also. Stuck together in some rocks and a tiny 1 1/2 in diameter vase. I quarantined and then I removed all the rocks and cleaned up the roots. I replanted it in a dollar tree candle vase. And this is what it looks like now.
@JungleLady505 how did you get it out that pot. We tried and still can't figure it out.
@planthoe40 wiggle wiggle wiggle. You may have to break it. I separated all the rocks and the toes from the actual plant and washed the roots in room temperature distilled water. They used glue or something I don’t know why. But I removed everything and let the roots regenerate in water and they are healthy.
@JungleLady505 thank you. About to get the hammer πŸ”¨

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