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Happy #freshleaffriday! This week I'm swooning over my ph...

Happy #freshleaffriday! This week I'm swooning over my philodendron πŸ˜‚ My tiny baby Birkin is putting up TWO new leafies 🀩 And my Silver Anne is absolutely thriving, new growth everywhere. I may have to consider giving her something to climb, lol.

But the fresh leaf I'm most excited for is this one that's juuuuuust starting to unfurl on my Micans prop. I nearly lost the whole thing to root rot within weeks of bringing it home... But I have two healthy vines with good roots, and one leaf that has been hanging on like a champ and getting some color back. What a survivor! πŸ₯° #plantsmakepeoplehappy #philodendron #philodendronbirkin #philodendronmicans
I’m so happy you could save your Micans by propping! It’s beautiful. I really want one but I’m trying to be good right now… haha that won’t last. I love my Philo Birkins too, they’re constantly pushing out new leaves πŸ€—
@BabeVila Me too! I really thought I was going to lose it when all the leaves turned pink and started dropping 😰

And of course now I've set myself another conundrum by water propping. When do I move to soil? And how? From what I've heard & seen, it can be a rough transition and now I'm scared πŸ˜¬πŸ˜‚
@ShipofRockets The good thing is you have time to figure that out and the whole Greg community here to help! I love that about this app 😊 Plus I’ve seen them just living in water and they look great! I just had to put my Aglaonema Golden Fluorite in water because she was not doing well in soil. I might leave her there if she likes it.
Love your silvery anne! That was one of my first plants and I overwatered plus it was just cuttings, something I learned only after it died. Learned my lesson about ordering from certain online plant stores! Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―