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@jcPlantProper Janai! You’re so amazing thank youuuuuu!!! Omg they are both perfect!! Seriously thank you!!
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Yessss!!! 🥹🥹🥹 enjoy omg! I love them. I have a nova star too and it’s my fave. Let it dry out as long as possible. Like over a week and you’ll have new shoots monthly !
😮 Wow!! Look at the first one!! Amazing!!
@jcPlantProper I can’t stop staring at them look how perky she is
@Vjunc yeah that’s really good ! Fast grower too!
@sarahsalith thank you Sarah! I’m so excited I’ve been wanting one since I first knew they existed 😂😂
@Vjunc here’s mine!
That Manjula is beautiful omg 🥰🤩💖
@jcPlantProper 🤩🤩🤩
@kscape I can’t wait for her to trail!!!
I need to get a Manjula Pothos 😍 She is gorgeous!

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