Posted 2w ago by @Alliebop

My daughter picked out this beautiful taco plant (aka peperomia axillaris), however Greg doesn’t seem to recognize the species and won’t let me add it. I have the latest app update- what is going on? Can anyone help me? #GregFeedback #gregteam
4” pot
Last watered 3 weeks ago
Hello Allie!

I took a look this morning and Peperomia axillaris is already in our database. This may be why it's not letting you add the species.

If you go to change species and search for it on Sky's plant card does it show up as an option? Both Taco Plant and Peperomia Axillaris should return the plant species.

Let me know if that's not the case and I can look into it more.
@RJG I tried both names and it didn’t populate the right result. It gave me every other peperomia option, however. Don’t sweat it- my cats already destroyed this plant so there is no need to identify on a Greg anymore 😰 I’ll try again if I get a new one
@Alliebop oh no! I am so sorry to hear that.

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