Posted 1w ago by @RJG

Major deal alert on the Amazon Treasure Truck! 2 GE wide spectrum #GrowLights for 30% off!
#DealAlert #PlantingOnABudget
I think this means we can all get 30% more plants?
@AnnaLovesVoting AT LEAST!
Wait- that's 60% more plants because you get TWO bulbs, right, @AnnaLovesVoting?!
My bank account is gonna be mad at you again!! 🀣🀣🀣
I saw that this morning and bought them! I didn't know the treasure truck deals were cross country and not area specific.
Thanks Bruh! Picked it up! The GE lights are the best grow lights!
@starfirejem they used to be area specific but when they stopped doing the actual truck for Covid I think they became nationwide. Idk tho for sure.

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