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I had to trim a lot off because I forgot about her (husband moved her and she's also in my other flower garden) the whole out of sight out of mind thing I'd hard-core with my brain. After cutting a bunch off she finally is getting her lusciousness back. Can't wait for her to spill out all over again. Say hello to Rasbushia the creep Jenny.. lmao (creeping Jenny is plant ID) #happyplants #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantaddict #planttherapy #plantmafia #greggang #freshleaffriday #newgrowth #creepingjenny
Pretty plant! Can we get an ID for those interested? 😁🌿
@kscape thank you! I edited the post to add the ID since I can't add/edit the photos
@kscape here ya go.
I have this plant in my flower beds and it’s one of my favorites. It comes up every year and spreads like crazy, so it keeps weeds out. You can literally grab a fistful of it and stick it in a flower pot for your β€œspiller,” and it will survive just like that. Best plant ever.
So pretty. I’m going to get some next spring for my big planter in the back!

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