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here it is!!! it finally came!! my variegated hindu rope!!! I'm so excited! @sarahsalith this is the "suprise" I was talking about!!!! #hoyahangout #plantaddict #plantmommy
Wow this is really awesome. Enjoy it
Enjoy!!! Im sooo jealous! I had one little sprig that I kept alive for years at the office. Then COVID happened and it was left too long without water 😢
AHHH!!! It's so healthy!!! It's so gorgeous! Amazing!!! (Not gonna lie- a lil jealous 😉)
How many plants are in there?! I have one. I'll be dead before it's 12" long. It's about it 8" long now. 🤣
@sarahsalith think like 4 or 5 are in there. I'm not to sure. I know 4 for sure.

I heard they're hard to take care of? this one was a little pricey!!! if you know me and how I've been on this app you know I immediately think I'm going to kill my plant somehow!!! so any care tips yall?
@kris10nicolee they. grow. so. slowly. I have mine (a sad little stem (maybe it's time for a repot) that sits under a grow light near a west facing window. I let it dry a bit between waterings. I think I have trained Greg to have me water it once every 15 days.

OH MY WORD!! I have to take a picture!! I see new growth!! First time in over a YEAR!! And it's pink!

Oh my gosh!! I have new growth!! 
@sarahsalith ahhhh!!!! I always love newgrowth!!!! and it being pink is always a plus. im excited to have one now
AEeeeee!!! It’s so beautiful 😍 I hope that she grows quickly for you
@HoyaAddict I've been seeing your posts about hoya and was hoping you'd pop on this post so i could pick your hoya-know-how brain 🧐

can you tell me how you personally water and how much sunlight i should give my Hoyas. I have this one and one more. and do all Hoyas grow slow.
@sarahsalith your more than welcome allowed to chime in lol
@HoyaAddict if I was to make it an outside plant. I don't understand the whole "northeast west southwest" window talk
@kris10nicolee Aww thanks for wanting my opinion, I hope it helps! Seeing as you have a variegated one outside would be amazing! I would place her in any spot outside so long as she doesn’t get direct sunlight after 10/11 am. (She can have direct light also in the afternoon instead say after 5pm) If you want to keep her inside, I like to hang mine in front on all my windows haha, I wouldn’t worry too much what window so long as she’s not getting cooked in direct sun (again during those 12-4pm scorching hot hours)🌞. Hindu rope are notoriously slow growers 🥲 but when they kick off fully there will be no stopping her! Generally I like to touch my Hoya 😏 when they’re feeling soft/bendy/flexible or even look a little wrinkly I know they’re thirsty! If it’s spring/summer time or are flowering they’ll definitely be up for more watering. A cool way to know when to water a Hoya (when they’re small) is to weight the pot on scales when it’s dry, then give a good water and weight. Note these weights and if your ever unsure about when to water, pop it on the scales and see how dry it really is. I check the soil too with my finger (just to make sure she’s not thirsty due to rot haha) As for how much, generally I don’t give much, about 80-100ml for a large plant. The water runs through the soil pretty quickly haha, it’s very airy mix. Hoya are epiphytes like Orchids, they would prefer a little water often with lots of dry air time in between. If you’re scared about overwatering, you could look into getting an orchid pot for it. They have long slits up the side of the pot to allow more air inside. (Your Hoya will love you for it haha)
Not all Hoya grow slowly! My pubicalyx is a monster 😂 never ever stops. I have discovered than fungii grows quickly too. (Kept growing immediately after postal delivery!) My potsii/nicholsonii and my merrilii are lazy babies and have shown me not growth at all yet 😅 I guess that’s half the fun of hoyas, figuring out how different they all really are! I have eyes on a krimson queen now hehe, hope to get one soon!(so long as I stop buying aroids haha) I can’t wait to see updates this is such a BEAUTIFUL HOYA
@HoyaAddict I actually have my eyes on a krimson princess right now. lol.
@HoyaAddict I have this one but im not sure which hoya it is
@HoyaAddict okay so I just put in an order for a krimson queen and a krimson princess!!! I'm excited!
@kris10nicolee Arghhh they’re so beautiful I’m totally jealous 🤣 they will be such nice additions to your collection! The noid pic looks like a Carnosa green to me 😊 you’re filling up the carnosa tribe haha
@HoyaAddict I'm learning. lol. I just get the ones that are the prettiest. I'll update you when I get them in the mail

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