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It’s #FreshLeafFriday y’all! I am so excited to spend the...

It’s #FreshLeafFriday y’all! I am so excited to spend the day scrolling through everyone’s #NewGrowth 🫶🏻
Here are the highlights from my little oasis this week💚🤩🌿
#HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #GregGang #theamigos #Philodendron #VelvetLeafPhilodendron #AlocasiaAddicts #Monstera #MonsteraMob #PhilodendronPinkPrincess #PhilodendronElChocoRed #PhilodendronGloriosum #PhilodendronSplendid #OrangeYouGorgeous
More babies🥰🌿
and more…🤩
Last but not least, my #GlobalGreenPothos gave me a heart variegation 🥰💚
Gorgeoussss! 🤩 That little moss pole stick is so cute! I’ve never seen one like that before!
Okay, okay. Two more😂😍🌿
@S.ham13 thank you so much!! 🤗 The super skinny moss poles are actually orchid moss poles that I am cutting in half lengthwise for my baby philos and Alos 😂 and the larger moss pole similar to the coco coir poles is from either Amazon or Temu, I can’t remember 😅
@AmusingRedhill Literally sooo cute!!! 😍
@AmusingRedhill beautiful plants, Tara you keep good care of them
New leaf sprouting off the end of my elephant bush
The first sign of life since I started to rehab this moth orchid in water culture. A brand new root is finally emerging
@AmusingRedhill I love the swirl on that Aglo! And the 💚 on the global? 💕
@Nocturnal666 how precious!!🥹💚
@S.ham13 thank you!!!🥰
@clairsheart thank you so much!!🤗
@Nocturnal666 wow!! I know that’s so exciting, and validating when a rehab plant makes a comeback 🤩 I’m going to have to look up moth orchids now, because from the name alone, I may venture into orchids now 😂
@TheOddAsity thank you so much!!🥰 I actually can’t figure out what the swirl leaf plant is 😂 it was sold as a Philodendron “Orange You Gorgeous” and I had to have it regardless, so I was thinking maybe it’s a hybrid painted lady? But an Aglo also seems to be a good option to check as well!
What a treat it was to see all of your fresh blooms . They are some beautiful happy plants 🌱
@ILoveMyPlants thank you so much!!🤗 I swear checking all the plants looking for new growth is one of my favorite parts of having them🌿💚
Fresh leaf twins!
Soo much growth at your place… I don’t feel like doing all of mine. Too much growth in this house. I been worried that my ZZ plant stalled and was too close to light but… she doubled her size all at once!
@PlantJedi ah yay!!! Gotta love those fresh black velvet leaves! So lush and a rich color🤩
@PlantJedi she just wanted to keep you guessing 😂😂 I can’t wait to see once the leaves unfurl!
@AnthuriumQueen thank you!!🥰