Posted 3w ago by @siddhesh

hi new here... was wondering what type of succulent i bought on my birthday πŸ˜† I was too excited to ask them the name and species and type hehe... I feel like it's a Echeveria? What say...? #succulent #succulentsquad
3” pot
Last watered 3 weeks ago
First of all, welcome!! We hope you find a welcoming and growing community!

Second I think you're right it's a type of echeveria and @vvvelo or @strawberrymoon can probably help you ID which one 😊
welcome!! and yep looks like an echeveria to me, i can’t tell too well bc they’re looking kinda stretched rn but possibly an echeveria elegans?
(not my pic but i do have another type of echeveria)
also i checked out your plant card and wanted to let you know that echeveria (and other succulents) do better in pots with drainage holes at the bottom !
It looks similar to Echeveria Pulidonis
Happy to have you on the app. Good luck with your new pretty succulent. 😌
Welcome to Greg πŸ™‚ nice succulent, love those pots πŸ’•
OMG thanks for the lovely messages @Sassylimey @Pegster @vvvelo @strawberrymoon @RJG feels so good to be here !!!!
We're so happy to have you
Yes @strawberrymoon the pot i own has a large drainage hole at the bottom... thanks for pointing out Echeveria elegans... It does look a little like my plant.. also you plants are sooooo beautiful!😍😍 You have a gorgeous profile on hereπŸ«€πŸŒΏ
@vvvelo the leaves do look like Echeveria pulidonis but it has got a giant stem too..
@siddhesh np!! we’re glad to have you too <3 and thank you so much haha, it’s great to hear that my plants look good :)

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