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What’s wrong with my plant?

What’s wrong with my plant?
1ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
Welcome to Greg, Justice! What a pretty plant!

If you recently got it, it will need time to acclimate to your home. In the process, it will most like to drop a leaf or three.
#Alocasia are know for growing a leaf and dropping a leaf. They are tough customers. Many of them require lots of humidity. I would just give it some time. (:
@KeyTreemallow Welcome to Greg.

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I'm going to guess you have some uninvited guests/pests at your plant party. Thrips or mites. Hopefully someone with additional knowledge in the signs of pest trauma will speak up, but you definitely will need to treat the plant for a period of time to remedy the situation.

Damaged leaves will not improve, but as long as over 50% of the leaf is still green it is still beneficial to the plant as it continues to photosynthesize & produce food.

Just as a note as to prevention: moisture issues are the leading reason a plant becomes weakened and susceptible to pest attacks. Either too moist, or too dry. Appropriately draining soil/substrate, watering frequency, area humidity, circulation ...all of these things can play a factor, so it's not just an issue of 'you overwatered it' - it is a complex balance of factors.

I think you've noticed an issue and are ready to take action, so with the correct information & advice, I definitely think you'll save the plant.
Thank you all!