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I know, I know… enough about Kendall & #WetheWild but I c...

I know, I know… enough about Kendall & #WetheWild but I can’t get enough of it!

I swear every time I water her, she gets bigger and happier

This is and has been by far my happiest plant & im so proud! She currently has 3 new leaves working on unfurling too 😍
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0ft to light, indirect
12” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
Congratulations on your continued success and HAPPY GROWING!
@elisenavidad happy dance!! 💃 ❤️🕺
@CourtlyKingfern I’ll say 😍
What a beauty ! I have a few cuttings that are finally rooting . Hope it does that well .
@ILoveMyPlants ugh it just takes too long huh 😭 You got this tho 🫶🏻
I swear to god you have one of the nicest monsteras I’ve ever seen! Any tips on sprucing up my already nice, but by far not as nice Monstera?
@Pielewop dude that is quite possibly the nicest compliment I’ve ever received 😭 Thank you SO much! I really don’t have any special tips honestly, it’s been the easiest plant I’ve ever owned! However, I did notice it growing 10x faster after I cut back the small leaves at the base that had been there since I got the plant and showed no growth whatsoever since the purchase! It quickly started growing after that then went wild after I added the Enrich Powder from #WetheWild ! My house generally sits at about 50-60% humidity as well :)
Haha you’re most welcome! Oh hell yeah! I’ve gotten that wethewild starter pack and just started using it. Also trimmed back my older leaves a few weeks ago. Can’t wait to see some growth!
She’s gorgeous @elisenavidad!😍 I hope my Moana ends up as large and happy as Kendall!🤩
@Pielewop awhhh yes! Yours is literally superb regardless tho 😭😭
@AmusingRedhill Ahhh thank you!! Literally so nice 🫶🏻

Your plants are all so pretty.. like truly thank you
@elisenavidad awe thank you so much as well🥰 I love your whole collection!