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I know we’ve all bought pots because of the plant that’s in them but yesterday I bought a plant because I wanted the pot! Although…I do love GP’s.

Normally I woud have repotted the plant immediately because the poor thing has its roots hanging way out #RootPorn , but after joining the #GregGang I now know I should probably wait at least 2 weeks to repot. I hope I’m correct. #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #Cutepots #iwantALLtheplants #PothosPack #gardenofaden
I've done this too! 🤫
It looks in good shape and it's a pothos so it should be ok if you want to repot now.
I agree with @AwesomePlants - GPs are tough and you can probably repot now. But they are SO tough, it could probably stay thata way for another few months! 🤪
I repot according to plant condition.

If it's root bound I repot...or if it's sick I repot and do a cleanse on it. (Than quarantine for new plants)

If it seems normal I let it do a neem oil treatment and quarantine awhile before repotting.
My dirty secret is I often don't wait to repot😬🌚
@RJG well atleast I am not the only one. I always repot immediately after receiving. I figure if it stressed from the journey then me repotting will only a bit more. Then once in the new one she or he can unstress and not be bothered again until I pot up.
@AmusingEndive lol I'm just a bad plant parent and demand them to buck up immediately 😂😂
@RJG 😂
@AmusingEndive it was @DanaDD that taught me the ways. These plants better behave or they can move on to the next life 😂😂👀
@RJG 😂 😂
Ok Greggers! I’m hearing you. Not the response I thought I’d get. I’m glad I posted. I shall repot!!

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