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Now I have TWO Lithops flowering, so you know what that means?! I’m going to try my best to pollinate these guys! I’ve never ever tried that before—with ANY plant—so cross your fingers I do it right! I want to grow my #LithopsArmy! #PlantAddict #SucculentLove #SucculentSquad #BloomingSuccs
Those are so cool looking. It’s hard to believe they bloom and such a pretty bloom too!!
@Greenie_plants I can’t believe they make flowers as large as the plants! One of them has been blooming for almost two weeks now, so I hope it still has pollen. The flowers only open for a few hours each evening.
That’s awesome 🤩 got my fingers crossed 🤞 good luck
@HoyaAddict thank you! I have no idea if it’ll work but it would be cool if it did!
@Jana85 I’m so hoping it does!
Super cute too
@jcPlantProper I love the teeny tiny plants like these! The flowers are as big as the plants!
Amazing flowers. So colorful and interesting. 💚
Yes @Jana85 yes! I can feel your lithops power growing!! I can’t believe one is flowering for two eeeks mine are done after four days which I thought was normal but apparently I’m just not on your lithops level!
@Lithopslover hahaha the power!!! I really think they’re only supposed to flower for about a week, so I can’t believe it’s still going!
Must grow the #lithopsarmy!!!
This is awesome!! Good luck! YOU are the pioneer for this.... amazing. 🤩🤩
I just saw your stories, and I usually hate different plants in the same pot butttt yours are really stunning.
I want to see stories!!!
@Kace thank you so much! I really enjoy combining things, but of course I have tons that I would never! Some of them just deserve their own pot!
@angelw1975 I think it was similar photos to these
@Jana85 WOW!!!
@Jana85 wow 🤩 this is an amazing view 🤩 The sky is so beautiful!
@vvvelo thank you! We are lucky enough to get good views of the sunsets here. I love living in the country!

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