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New violet friend! Tips welcome!#kenyanviolet #africanvio...

New violet friend! Tips welcome #kenyanviolet #africanviolet #newplants #plantaddict #happyplants #plantshelfie
0ft to light, direct
3” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 day ago
A big thing is do not get water on the leaves.
Mine seem to like the soil slightly moist.
Pinch off dead flowers....
It's beautiful 🩡
Congrats on your new pretty baby πŸ’œ Give her bright indirect light, direct light can burn her. Try to keep the humidity high without directly wetting the leaves- you can use a pebble tray with water under the pot and/or a humidifier if your home isnt humid enough. Bottom watering is easier for me, but you can top water if you're careful to avoid the leaves. I use a diluted fertilizer every time I water mine. I hope this helps and enjoy 😊
Hello Connor ☺️ Congratulations on beautiful little Emerson! πŸ₯³πŸͺ» flowerFairy">@flowerFairy and @FieryOrchid76 are right on the money with moisture; African violets are incredibly prone to both sunburn and leaf rot and as such don’t tolerate moisture on the surfaces of their foliage whatsoever, however do require consistent waterings from the base of the plant whenever the first inch of soil is becoming dry to the touch. They also need a lot of light; an absolute minimum of 8 - 12 hours of bright indirect sunlight (any prolonged direct sunlight will cause sunburn, so a windowsill that receives a lot of light throughout the day is perfect if you’d like to keep Emerson indoors, otherwise a filtered sun and partly shady position is ideal for an outdoor situation as their natural growing environment is beneath the dappled shelter of a forest canopy) each day will ensure consistent and healthy growth throughout the year. African violets also require more consistent fertilisation than a lot of other plants (also due to their natural growing environment as they’re accustomed to absorbing nutrients from richer than typical soils occurring from both the retained moisture from surrounding canopies and their debris), so I’d recommend the application of a balanced water soluble fertiliser (a diluted seaweed or violet specific fertiliser solution would be perfect) every 4 - 6 weeks in accordance with Emerson’s regular watering schedule. I really hope this helps and best of luck with your beautiful little baby! 🌿✨
@connorrrrrrr what a beauty 😍 I water mine from the bottom she does not like water on her leaves and she likes lots of sunlight.
Such a beauty!! I agree with the above comments regarding watering and light, I also will rotate mine every once in a while if it starts reaching towards the sun so it grows evenly. Enjoy 😊