Posted 2w ago by @lemrobs

Can’t get #PothosWater more direct from the source than this!

Propping a #BabyRubberPlant cutting from @PlantMompy with #Pothos cuttings I “borrowed” from the house where I stayed on vacation. 🫣

Loving the quick progress so far, this is after about a week and a half. 🌱 Thank you @kscape for the inspo!
#PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PropagationStation #PothosPack
Nice!!! Love some #pothoswater !!! 🤩🤩
This is sooooo good!! I’m about to prune and chop my marbled peperomia (she’s looking ROUGH 💀💀) and was wondering if #PothosWater would work!! THANK YOU FOR TRYING THIS!! Can’t wait for ur cuttings to grow MORE ROOTS!! 💧🔬✨🌱
“Borrowed” 😂
@kscape OMG you’ve never tried? Figured you must have with all the other experiments! 🔬
This seems like a perfect solution…I’ll probably never prop again without including a pothos cutting. 🤣 GL with your pep and keep us posted how it works!
@jcPlantProper I mean, there were like 4-5 strands dragging on the ground, they were asking for it! I did get paranoid some kind of alarm would go off or they’d catch me on camera 🤣
@lemrobs hahahah it’s ok. I borrowed a Hoya cutting today I found on the ground so
@jcPlantProper 💚 I think borrowers should be the new term haha
@lemrobs #PothosWater is amazing. I have it on several props of mine.

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