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Today I got my first #goldenpothos and she was HUGE. I finally have something to post for #rootporn! Seriously some of these leaves are bigger than my hand, it's wild! I divided the plant in three, one small one is for my sister, the skull potted one has been named DoΓ±a Toes and lives on my altar at home, and the other one has yet to be named and it's going to live with Gobi (my bird's nest fern in another face pot) at my office. My office only has fluorescent light and no windows but the fern loves it, and my coworker's golden pothos is thriving so I'm hopeful. #officeplantsandprops #plantsmakepeoplehappy #pothospack #pothoswater
#RootPorn love πŸ’• it.
Woah.....plenty to go around!!! So sweet of you to share the plant wealth!🀩πŸ₯°
Love the skull pot where did you get it?
@KrunchyWrap it's a plastic candy dish from Dollar Tree!
@orli lol that's awesome! I use so many things for plants that are no where near close to be used for plants. Drives my husband freaking nuts and i love it. It's super rad though, kudos!

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