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Having a bad day at work? Buy a plant on lunch🪴🤍 #Philode...

Having a bad day at work? Buy a plant on lunch🪴🤍 #Philodendron #SilverLeafPhilodendron #philodendronbrandtianum #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict
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Yes! Instant pick-me-up!
Beautiful choice, by the way! 💚
@BabeVila it really is the best way to improve the day!🌿🤪 and thank you!!
Great recommendation!! And beautiful plant!
@BabeVila your silver philo is GORGEOUS 😍 any tips to keep this baby happy??
@TheOddAsity thank you!! Even if it isn’t a bad day, it’s a Monday… we deserve a new plant!🤗😂
@AmusingRedhill Thank you! Mine loves the humidifier. Like, a lot. Lol. She puts out new leaves constantly. Definitely be careful not to overwater, and be vigilant for spider mites… or maybe those little demons just enjoy torturing me, lol! Oh she likes to climb so I recommend a small trellis for her pot! 💚
@BabeVila perfect! Thank you so much!!🤗
I love it!! Perfect choice
@SisterWaterlily thank you! Definitely a bright spot for the day!
@AmusingRedhill 😏 any day that ends in a Y is a good day for a new plant! So this one you got today… it’s a silver leaf, not a silver sword? Did I read somewhere it can also be called a Brandi Leaf? These 3 trip me up. I have what is apparently a silver leaf but your and @BabeVila ‘s look different than mine. And I have attributed that to mine was a rescue so it looks pretty haggard 😂
@TheOddAsity the sticker on mine says Silver Brandtianum! Not sure if that makes it just a Brandi or a silver leaf? I just went by what the app identified! I’m hoping I can keep it alive - my house isn’t super humid 😅
@AmusingRedhill Brandtianum is the scientific name for the silver leaf philo… also sometimes called Brandi 😊 @TheOddAsity can I see yours? You have me curious now! The silver sword’s scientific name is philo hastatum, which is fun to say 😂 @ShipofRockets just sent me a beautiful baby one!
@BabeVila and @AmusingRedhill … I feel like I need a disclaimer before I can post these photos. 😂 They are so so sad.

The Brandtiatum… I got for a whole $3! It had 3 leaves. 2 have fallen off, the one leaf with yellow is the last of the 3 (one of my other plants was blocking the light to it and I didn’t see it). I just recently learned how they like chunky soil and need a pole. So I added one in…. December? And these new leaves have grown. But notice how they all have something not fully developed?

The silver sword… it was a problem from the beginning. I had to chop it apart and get more growth points. And this guy is growing every which way but the way I want it to. I don’t know what I’m doing with them. They’re my first philodendrons. 🤷🏼‍♀️
@TheOddAsity they actually look better than I expected from your description! They’re hanging in there💚 I absolutely love philos, I’m collecting them and syngonium… running out of space though 😅 Your Brandi does look like it’s struggling a bit. I’m not sure why because I know you to be very good with plants, but I highly, highly recommend this stuff… it’s amazing and I keep telling everyone about it lol. It’s concentrated worm castings and you add a teaspoon to a gallon of water and use it every time you water your plants. All of mine suddenly exploded in growth. I can’t say enough about it. I think it would help a lot. That, and more light for the Brandi like you said you’re doing, I think she’ll be a whole different plant in a month or two! I wish you luck with them! And no, they don’t pay me to promote that stuff, but I would gladly take the money 🤣
@TheOddAsity They really do look better than you made them out to be! I’m still new to philos as well, but love them so much! I think doing what @BabeVila suggested would help a ton! I am upping my humidity for my philos, and will probably buy the worm castings as well - I actually received a 10% discount from them today!😂 keep me updated on their progress!! I’d love to see how they do!🤍🪴
@AmusingRedhill and @BabeVila I actually just got a “powder” version a few days ago!! That’s good to know that it will help!

But, let’s be honest… my Brandi compared to the one you bought, Tara? It’s sad. I only have one growth point, and I was wondering if I should prop it to make it more full?
@TheOddAsity mine looks pretty now, but who knows how she’ll look in a couple weeks 😂😅 maybe a chop and prop would help! Everything I’ve seen about wanting fuller vining plants is the more you prop and replant after rooting, the more full they become!
@AmusingRedhill I’m going to do it. This plant has not much to lose!!
@TheOddAsity I think it’ll do well with a prop! Sending all the good planty vibes your way!🌿
@AmusingRedhill oh, PS did that basket come with your plant? Or did you find it elsewhere? If somewhere else I would love to know!
@BabeVila @TheOddAsity can I ask yalls opinion on this rehab plant?? This is after day 4 from repotting and watering/feeding. The leaves are wilting so bad and getting thin, as well as turning these colors. I’ve never had an Alo before, and this was a clearance rack rescue.. do I just keep praying he gets better?
@TheOddAsity I actually found it at Ace Hardware! It was $4, so of course I had to get 3 of them 😂 I’m sure I could find some on Amazon that are similar though! I will look!
@TheOddAsity @AmusingRedhill that’s actually a great idea, I never think of that. Definitely propping will help!
@AmusingRedhill I’m not so great with Alocasias, I have two but one hates me and I don’t know why the other one is doing well because I’m treating them the same! Haha but anytime I have Alo questions, I ask @RealSimpleMama and @UltraKoreanfir
@TheOddAsity @BabeVila the first two pictures are from repotting the night I brought him home, the next few are from yesterday evening
@AmusingRedhill in my experience, the big box stores waaaay overwater their plants, so that would be my guess here. Did you repot in fresh, dry soil? If not, I would and also do a peroxide spray on the roots. Beyond that, I’m not sure—I do know they love airy, chunky soil. But the two ladies I tagged will have way better info!
@BabeVila thank you so much!! I did repot him into a mix of Fox Farms Happy Ocean soil, perlite, sphagum moss, and horticultural charcoal chips. Cleaned the roots off and clipped the rotted ones - I didn’t do peroxide though 😅 I watered with rainwater and weak fertilizer. I was told they would become dramatic after the repot, especially with already having the stress from the root rot, but I couldn’t pass him up for $8 to try😂

Thank you for tagging the other two ladies! I hope they have tips/reassure me this is just the Alocasia *drama*! I have him with a humidifier and dimmable grow light. We shall see!
@AmusingRedhill so if I was going to go with what I know alone on plants that like airy chunky soil, I see 3 things here. 1- charcoal helps retain moisture. 2- sphagnum retains moisture. 3- chunky soil mix is to improve aeration which the roots like because those types of plants tend to use their leaves to absorb moisture through humidity, not always the roots. So I’m wondering if the moisture is choking the roots? And I agree with @BabeVila that peroxide wash would be crucial here to stop the necrotic tissue from spreading. Do you have a moisture meter? If so what is it reading in the soil right now?
@TheOddAsity here is one similar from Walmart’s website! I am trying to find my receipt to see if there is a brand for the ones I got
@TheOddAsity ohhh you know I didn’t even think of that 😅 I don’t have a meter - one is ordered and on the way. So do you think I should pull it out tomorrow and rinse/repot again? I could run and get the Sol chunky mix soil beforehand to know that I am not ruining it this time around. I thought the moss and charcoal would help pull the moisture from it. Ooooops
@TheOddAsity should I pull it from the pot tonight and put in a cardboard box to air out and dry some?
@AmusingRedhill your one photo shows the leaves might be a touch wrinkled. Am I seeing that correctly? If that’s the case it means it needs moisture through humidity. Do you have a plastic tote you can use to make a makeshift greenhouse? My Hoya recently was doing this so I pulled it from the pot, rinsed all the roots with peroxide, and put in plastic tote box with moist perlite on the bottom under a grow light. It’s been there for 2 days because she needed moisture but not water. I’m not sure your guy needs to dry out as much as he might need humidity.
@TheOddAsity I can do that! They are wrinkly and feel significantly more thin than they did earlier this week!
@BabeVila I think the advice I'm reading is good already 😉

I just bought worm castings yesterday 🤣
@AmusingRedhill let us know how he looks after a bit!
@TheOddAsity I will for sure! Thank you! Let us know about your silver leaf as well!
@AmusingRedhill any update on your alocasia?
@TheOddAsity he’s struggling hardcore 🙁 the other two leaves were starting to get crispy and curly, way below the top of the pot and they were pulling the plant forward, like they were pulling it from the soil - so I don’t know if the roots are even attaching in there. I trimmed them off, along with the two flower shoots it had. So we are currently left with this. Contemplating cutting all the way and trying to see if it regrows new leaves? The base stem is still green and hard. What are your thoughts? I tested the soil and my meter barely moved off the side, didn’t get past the first dryness section so I watered and gave some food Thursday evening
@AmusingRedhill I would have definitely cut the flower shoots from it. It is probably taking a lot of energy from the plant. I would pull the plant from soil completely and rinse the roots with a peroxide solution. Then, like I was explaining above, use a small tote box with moist perlite in it and place the bare root cuttings in the tote all closed up and either put under a grow light or in bright warm sunny place. It will create a humidity micro- weather environment for it to get what it needs. It can’t get the moisture from watering the soil. It needs it through humidity. And if you let it sit the tote, the roots will form as well. Here is a link to mycorrhizal which helps the roots exchange nutrients. The change is INSANE and it helps.

So if you do cut the leaves away, that box will help both the roots grow leaves emerge (I grew some plants from nodes only that way).
@TheOddAsity thank you so much! I just got a new bag of perlite, so I will do that tonight! Do you think I should add some bio-stratum as well for nutrients?? And do I cut the last leaf that’s barely hanging on, or just cut it so it focuses all energy on new growth?
@AmusingRedhill do you think the leaves are still producing energy? If not, I would cut it for sure. I didn’t add anything to mine for nutrients until a few weeks later. Then I added some liquid fertilizer to help the nodes along.
@TheOddAsity the stem is still pretty solid, it’s just the leaf feels so thin now and has changed color so drastically. I will leave it on for now, but cut the flower off and go from there. Thank you again!!🤗