Posted 4M ago by @ESylvanus

Had a “plantsident” today. Went to the home improvement store to get some succulent waterers (not sure what the technical term is), and ended up bringing these two home as well. Check out the trunk on the ficus! It’s over an inch in diameter! It’s going to need a repot and some styling, but I love the shape it’s got. Anyone near Mebane, North Carolina who’s interested, they has a couple other really thick bonsai left!

#FernFriends #Bonsai #BravelyBonsai
Great looking new plants 🪴💚
I've gone down a #GregRabbitHole and im searching for bonsai information- I love the Benjamina you got! I picked up a few years ago and they've grown so fast! I didn't think about keeping them trimmed as bonsai- they are just bushes now. 🫣

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