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New plant features and Android release!

πŸ“£ As #EarthMonth comes to a close we have a new #GregUpdate to share! πŸ“£

What’s new:

πŸ“Έ Gallery view of all the photos of your plant (+ others of the same species!)

πŸ“† Timeline view of your plant’s history

πŸ“ Leave notes & keep track of your plant’s story

↩️ And the much-anticipated return of the Undo button!

And to make today even better, the new Plant Card is being released to #Android! It will be rolled out over the next few days and may already be available to some of ya.

😁 The #GregTeam is working hard on even more upgrades that’ll be coming out in May/June. In the meantime, we'll be sharing small updates with a few new features every week or so.

Next up in our slew of spring updates:

πŸ“š Learn all about your plant: propagation tips, if its safe for pets, its fave pot type and more…

🧠 Smart tips from Greg, like a heads up that your plant’s in the wrong pot or whether you should prep for summer

⚑️ Fertilizer + repotting reminders

πŸ“± Redesigned User Profile (including your community activity)

Check the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for your new update now!
Very excited to hear everyone’s thoughts on the Gallery and Timeline on iOS! All the plant moments finally in one place 😍

Also hope the #Android crew enjoys the new plant cards. Everything on iOS will come to Android soon enough!
I absolutely love the timeline feature and the gallery of each plants photos! πŸ₯°
@alex did you give Delores or ZZ a new cover photo? Claude looks great!

Hit the ... on the photo you want! #BeforeAndAfter
Yessss and the note option is super cool!
@jcPlantProper you think that now. I'm just gonna send you pics of my ficus and be like tel me what to do. Copy and save πŸ˜‚πŸŒš
Awesome, so excited for the Android updates πŸ˜ŠπŸ’ž
Awesome! Excited for new updates! Thanks!

I see you made the #gregteam @RJG congratulations! πŸ‘
@melodey they don't know what they've done. they're stuck w me now πŸ˜‡ and so are all of you πŸͺ΄πŸŽ‰
@RJG 🀣🀣
@RJG congrats on making it to the #gregteam you'll be an asset to Greg πŸ₯³πŸŽ‰
@Kiersten I am a iPhone user and when will it be available for iPhone users? I don’t have the capability to do undo waterings and my timeline for my plants don’t look like what has been posted below.
Super excited!! This makes my world right!!
@RJG WOW!! Congratulations!!!
@KikiGoldblatt Hey Kristy! What app version are you using? It will be listed under Settings above the Logout button.
@RJG congratulations πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
Anxiously awaiting the iOS update so I can avoid my work and work in becoming a succulent success farmer! πŸ˜‚
Thanks for the update! Would love to see a widget feature for iOS, so we’re able to see plants that need watering today as well as upcoming
I don't see the update in the play store yet
@RJG congrats :D
hey @willbur this is definitely on our roadmap to look at in the future. Great idea.
@moonstone If you don’t see it yet, it will be available in the next day or so!
@RJG awesome! Thanks for everything you all do. I don’t think my journey into plants would’ve been as easy, successful and approachable as it has been thanks to Greg.
@willbur it means so much to us to hear that we've helped you out!

And keep any good ideas you may have coming. #GregFeedback to get out attention easiest!
@Kiersten @alex @RJG I’m new to Greg as I just switched from Planta, I love the community feel that you can ask questions from owners of the same plants and it’s so much more helpful! I love the gallery as I can see others with the same plants to check on mine! Is there any way to see a timeline of posts? I also love the idea of a widget, I am an avid widget user! I would love a way to comment or like plants in peoples oasis, I’ve had a few times where I’ve seen someone with a bigger version of my own plant and would be so helpful to ask for advice about mine but I’m not sure how to do that?
@Mrgncrch first, welcome! we are ecstatic to have you.

These are all great ideas. I've passed your comment on to the dev team! Some of these ideas are on our roadmap so look out for them in the future. ☺️

When you ask about a timeline of posts, do you mean for a specific user or a plant? We do have communities right now that are grouped with hashtags.

I for one love ficus a lot and will look through #FicusGang and #FicusFam to see posts of ficus. When you are in the communities you can join them at the top and those communities should start to appear in your feed.
#GregFeedback is the best way to post about ideas or maybe (hopefully very rarely) about a bug you may encounter, as our team is monitoring that community closely.

I can't wait to see your oasis grow!
Looks great, @alex ! This will definitely be helpful.
@RJG Drew on the crew! Congrats!!!
@Hypsie did you see you can add notes too!?
@RJG Yasss
@Hypsie gorgeous Gallery!
@VraccoonRaccoon the notes option πŸ‘€πŸ‘€
#GregUpdate My Greg app is version 1.10.1 and it appears to reflect the upgrades you’ve explained, but I’d like to verify that it’s the current update. Is it?
@IndyMary yep that's the newest!
@RJG Good to know. Thanks & Congratulation on being part of the #Gregteam !
@IndyMary thanks!!
Aww! I love the adorable little Greg leaf! 😊
I love the update! In the future maybe we could have a way to look at our liked plants/moments
Can't wait for the gallery and notes to be added to android!
Swweeeettt!!!! Thank ya! πŸ’•
Amazing, but as greedy as I’m I was expecting the fertilizer one, although I used the notes to keep a memory of it ☺️☺️