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Hey planty peeps, we’ve got a new update available for you! 📣

Here’s what’s new in Greg 1.9.7:

✏️ Edit posts you’ve created— Tap the three dots on a post to make changes to your community posts! 

📖 Introducing bios — You can now add short bios to your profile! Visit the Edit Profile page to share what makes you *you*! 

🐜 Bug fixes — Recurring crashes and bugs causing issues with Super Greg subscriptions should be resolved!

We’ve loved the discussions in the #GregFeedback channel and are so excited to bring your ideas to life! Keep the great suggestions coming! 🧠 #GregTeam
@KristyGoldblatt todays the day!
Awesome! Thank you #GregGang !
Excellent news, and Waiting for the fertilizer reminders and also the plant added/born date.
Thanks for making Greg
I'm a android user and haven't found where I can get the greg sub yet would love to sub
Thank you so much! I love the input and discussion we get to be involved in!
Yeah!!! I love Greg! 💚
@Howlingnights1512 the Android app is 100% free currently. We’re building subscriptions on Android in February, so it’s coming soon! We’ll grandfather all existing users in for free though of course :)
Dark mode please! Also I love the suggestions and tips features like I saw one explaining how Gregg uses the local sunlight conditions and integrates that into the algorithm. I love the detail but would like even more detail on a biology and chemistry type level. Maybe you could explain those concepts on different levels. Like an “explain like I’m 5 years old”, “high school” and “advanced” level. People could choose what level they mostly see but also be able to see the others. You could start new users out on the basic level and then over time add complexity in order for people to ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND how all of this works and how to apply these lessons in other areas of life. Maybe also ancient wisdom type quotes having to do with plants but as a reflection of life. Also let people set how often they see these things both as notifications and “in-app”. Great work all around, I love this app and the environment you have created. Thank you for your efforts
Also, I used to do programming for a startup company called Thrivelot that teaches and does the sourcing and labor for commercial and private permaculture gardens. You should reach out to them and workout some kind of partnership. I think both companies are well aligned and could benefit greatly.
Do these updates apply to Android users?
@FinlayQuinn83 Not quite yet, but they will soon!
@userb69c89f9 Wow this is so cool — thank you for sharing!! And yes, we can’t wait to share more about plant biology and physics! We’ve learned so much along this journey and are excited to have the community along for the ride 🚂
@Kiersten awesome 👏
@FinlayQuinn83 these updates are available now in latest Android release!
@alex awesome!

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