Posted 4M ago by @Plantmomma3

Happy #TradescantiaTuesday !!!!
These are all my babies, #TradescantiaNanouk #TradescantiaZebrina #TradescantiaQuadricolor #TradescantiaDannyLee #TradescantiaWhiteZebra #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #GregGang #GreggingInTheSip
How beautiful! A purple one is a wishlist plant for me😍
I must join! My Tradescantia Zebrina has grown so much in the last month! It nothing compared to your beautiful collection though! β™₯️🌱
@Nightshade these are so easy!!!!! I love them
What a stunning collection! My zebrina is still a pimply teen, but my albiflora is thriving after a rescue from store overwatering, I couldn't be happier! #tradescantiatuesday #tradescantiaalbiflora #tradescantiazebrina
@UnbiasedTree beautiful!!!!
Just got 2 myself

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