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More plant mail!!!! @lazyplantparent @ESylvanus sent me some goodies!! 😊🀩πŸ₯Ί Alex sent me a bebe philodendron micans, 2 caladium bebes, and a mini Monstera cutting!! I only knew about the micans from her plant giveaway, the others were huge surprises!! πŸ’› Aidyn sent a reverted Monstera cutting, shipping happened and I lost the leaf but I saved the node! He sent me a mini Monstera cutting also after I commented how much I loved it πŸ˜† and THE CUTEST LITTLE POT MUSHROOM, he’s chilling in my large snake until I decide his permanent home either in my flf or one of my large Monstera 😊 Thank you guys so much!!! Everything is so precious ☺️ #GregGang #PlantMail #plantfairy #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #NKYGregGroup #plantmommo #MiniMonstera #Philodendron #PhiloFlock #PhilodendronMicans #Caladium #CaladiumCrew #MonsteraMob
More pics!!!
I’m sorry the leaf on the monstera dropped! Hopefully it will put out a new one quickly!
@ESylvanus The node and aerial roots are very healthy it’ll be just fine! Thank you so much 😊 I can’t get over the mushroom
@Mrgncrch I’m glad you like it! It’s always hard to guess what people will like πŸ˜…
@ESylvanus Do you have an Etsy shop or a way I can order more little pot friends?!
@Mrgncrch I don’t have one yet, but I hope to open one sometime this winter! I’m trying to build up some inventory before I get started πŸ˜„
@ESylvanus Do you make just mushrooms or other things too?
I’ve done a couple of pots, some small trays, bowl, mugs, and a couple of small (2” -ish) animal sculptures
How much do you charge for more pot mushrooms? 😊
@Mrgncrch Um… I haven’t thought about pricing yet πŸ˜…
I only have three left at the moment, two are green with a white β€œsnow cap”, and one is reddish with white spots. I can get pictures for you tomorrow morning if you’re interested.

Otherwise I’ll be making more on Saturday. There’s a couple months lead time on those (a lot depends on how long it takes to fill the kiln), but if you have color requests, I can try to accommodate!
@ESylvanus I would love pics of those! I’m not picky color wise, I just think they’re so cute and I have a few plants to stick little friends in!
Yaay so happy they made it!! Hope you enjoy them 😊
@Mrgncrch Okay, I’ll take some photos tomorrow then πŸ˜„
Love this!!!! We are shroom sisters!! 🀣🀣
@ESylvanus @lazyplantparent wow I love plant fairies πŸ§šβ€β™€οΈ. Those are absolutely stunning.
@Mrgncrch I took a couple of photos this morning (with Itzal’s help 😹), and these are the ones I currently have left. I also included a β€œshow and tell” of some of my other work in the third photo.

Right now, I’ll sell the mushrooms for $8 each, but I’m offering a permanent 10% off to the Greg gang. Shipping will probably be $6 for now. All that may be different in the Etsy shop due to their fees, but I’ll deal with that when I get there.

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