Posted 5M ago by @ElvishForester

Update on the saved christmas cactus! I followed the advice i got from all of you. Repotted. Fertilized, new dirt, proper care and this is the result! It's growing like crazy and the once mushy leaves are finally repaired and bathing in joy! Thank you all for helping me out! #update #succulentsquad #rescueplants #cactusclique
@sarahsalith i didn't give up and now this ancient baby is thriving! I'm so happy! ❀️
@ElvishForester congratulations, it’s looking awesome.
Love a success story! Especially a comeback! Great work Anna!
AWESOME!!!!! Greg and its community is so great! I am so happy your cactus is thriving now. πŸ₯°πŸ₯°
THAT is AMAZING!! What a great plant story! πŸ’š
@KikiGoldblatt hi Kris. Someone said you use an ID app that actually works but didn’t say what it was. I’ve downloaded several and results are inconsistent. Which one do you use? Thanks 😊
Just love a happy plant 🌱 ending!!!
Anna how does it look now???

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