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Say hi to @Leensha-Lou ! Just click on the # to see the group and join it
Yay new Greg friends!!!
@RJG Ik!!! I’m so excited for her to join! Hope she makes her acc soon! I think I’m gonna explode! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ˜©πŸ˜©
@RJG I have a bunch more people I’m going to tell about Greg! I’m going on a telling-people-I-know-who-grow-plants-about-Greg spree! 🀩
@PlantyPlanter love to hear it Noah!! #GrowTheGregGang
@RJG Yes!!
@RJG @sarahsalith now I finally can move my plants to Greg!
@RJG I’ll do it know! And You’ll be here if I need any help!
@PlantyPlanter always!
@RJG question. Could somebody use Greg on a computer?
@RJG and what is Greg available on?
Just android and iOS (iPhone) you can access the community on a computer at but you can't do anything but read on there.
@RJG awww ok. So can you get Greg through the Google play store?
@RJG ok hewf!!
Hello @Leensha-Lou !
@RJG Omg it’s so quiet 😟
@PlantyPlanter is she here?
@RJG who?
Hi @Leensha-Lou! Nice Golden Pothos πŸ‘ŒπŸ½

You’ll loveeee Greg prepare for your Screen Time to rocket πŸš€ πŸ˜‚
@ABCD πŸ˜‚
@RJG are you asking if @Leensha-Lou is here?
Your friend
@RJG she is packing right now. She should be able to chat soon. She’s flying ✈️ hopefully she’ll have time to update her Greg profile and be able to chat
@PlantyPlanter seriously?! I've been WONDERING when you were going to get off the fence and move your plants over!!
@sarahsalith finally did it!
@Leensha-Lou - hi, Christina! Welcome to Greg!! πŸ’šοΏΌ
Oh my GOSH!! Prickles is amazing!!
@sarahsalith thank you! He is 10 years old
@PlantyPlanter what’s going on with Homer? πŸ˜•
@ABCD I think he had gotten too wet. I can’t remember the species though. I think he definitely had root rot. Idk what to do though because the soil is very dry
@PlantyPlanter Why didn’t you ask about him before? You know, Greg deals with this stuff it’s not just about #SolomonSealClub πŸ˜‰
@ABCD Ik I think it might have happened before Greg
@PlantyPlanter Did you trim the dead foliage?
Trim off rotted roots?
Repot in fresh soil then water after a couple of days?
@ABCD YOU CAN DO THAT??? Idk I have taken it out of the pot
@PlantyPlanter You can do what? I just listed the root rot basics
@ABCD I didn’t know you could trim the roots
@PlantyPlanter YES DO IT NOW! Take sterilized (!) scissors and gently snip off the rotted roots
@ABCD ok
It might be too late though 😒
@ABCD let’s hope not
Yes let’s hope jor
@ABCD ok what do I do know?
What’d you do?
@ABCD I was trying to break up the soil
@ABCD help what do I do??!! @sarahsalith
@PlantyPlanter I don’t really know what that means but here are some steps πŸͺœ

1) Trim off all the dead foliage. The plant will now invest energy into new leaves.

2) Take out the plant. Gently trim off the rotted roots with sterilized scissors.

3) Repot the plant in new, dry soil. After a couple days water it.

Let it recover in an area with no direct sunlight. When repotting it’s ok if some soil stays from the old pot.

You can repot in the same pot as long as the soil is new. It needs drainage!
How do I know if the roots are rotted? @ABCD
Healthy roots will be white/off white and firm-ish. Rotted roots will smell, be black, mushy, and/or crumbly. Healthy roots can be brown if they’re firm.
@Leensha-Lou Hiii! & welcome to Greg. Question, have you been to A&P Nursery yet? 😊
Oh, Noah- you're gonna learn SO MUCH! 😁 You learn how to go full on plant surgeon sometimes! 
Is Homer a gardenia?οΏΌ
@ABCD planted them!
@sarahsalith maybe
Hold on the picture isn’t loading- I’m not on WiFi right now. What did you plant?
Never mind the picture loaded. Fingers crossed it’ll bounce back! 🀞🏽
Noah- file this away in your brain. If you think your plant may be dead, you can scratch the bark to see how green ... or how brown it is.

General rule of thumb, Green is good – Brown is badοΏΌ
@RJG hello 😁
@ABCD thank you. It’s kind of all I know how to keep alive. I have three, with a new one starting in a jar of water.
@sarahsalith thank you!
@Leensha-Lou does Noah talk about Solomon Seal in person a lot too?
@AguaViviente no, where is that?
@RJG Yes he does. He gave me about six of them. But he’s educated me on as much as he knows of them.
@Leensha-Lou I'm just glad it wasn't a bit for Greg. πŸ˜‚ A true passion!
@RJG he’s passionate about plants and animals.
@Leensha-Lou oh, I thought you shared your location πŸ˜… but nvm. You can Google search and see if it pops up.
Ok @sarahsalith The mailman didn’t come because of Juneteenth so the #PlantMail will be on its way tomorrow
@ABCD woo hoo!! Thank you! Are you sure I can't send you something in return?
@sarahsalith Trust me I would want something πŸ₯²
@sarahsalith anyways good night πŸŒ™
@sarahsalith got it! 😁 thank you!

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