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Even if my rose Calathea dies, Dolores is still goin strong x
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2ft to light, direct
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 months ago
Why is she dying?? Maybe we can help, symptoms?
Off the top of my head I’m thinking….. switch from eco pot to ceramic not terracotta, mist, pebble tray, take out of south facing direct sun, move to east window with minimal direct sun of any, maybe add perlite and soil maybe not peat.
@Jilliebeanstalk so, she was badly infested with fungus gnats, and I mean crawling with the buggers, I bought her up with them and no matter what I did they wouldn’t give up.
A few days ago, it was sunny and I was brave and took her outside to repot, and it was a sorry state. Infested, and a nursery wrap that was so tight around the roots it made me a bit sad. Just removing the soil and cutting the wrap off broke some of her roots, and the leaf looking saddest at the back is the one that was closest to the strongest now broken root root.
Washed the roots as best I could, but they were pretty sad and gnat nibbled.
The soil is now pest and peat free, with pearlite, she’s in terracotta, on a pebble tray I’ve been religiously topping up and just… sadder and sadder each passing day 😢
I think I just killed her unintentionally 😩
Awsome Swiss cheese though 🤩 mine refuse to vine..just new leaves at the same hight so it's getting crowded..🤔
@Nallon 😢

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