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Another post about my visit to my mom in spring hill (or I call her the farmers market). It’s definitely #springtime ! She gave my tons of seeds and even more tomatoes. Got a huge variety to take home and play around with and plant! We got a #PricklyPearCactus about to fruit! The fruit makes it look like toes πŸ˜‚ a purple #CayennePepper, some purple tomatoes I forgot the name of and the cutest little watermelon πŸ‰ that is ready to be picked! Seeing stuff like this makes me want to be an outdoor gardener! Who has outdoor veggies?! #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #TomatoPlant #Watermelon #CayennePepper #OutdoorGrowing #outdoorgarden #gardeningisfun #VeggieGardens #SpringIntoSummer
That purple pepper!😍
I'll be planting my outdoor veggies next weekend in my straw bales, two bales are planted already with strawberries
Ahhh What a lovely farmers market you’ve got there! @jcPlantProper Those purples are to die for! #GregFeedback I need a place to save posts to go back to for reference & inspo when I start my outdoor garden! Please & thank you!
I have outdoor veggies: 11 tomato plants (Beefmaster); 2 green to red bell peppers, 2 green to orange bell peppers, and 2 green to yellow bell peppers. The raised bed is surrounded by about 36 marigolds to keep out the bad bugs from the tomatoes. We loooove to eat tomatoes. We don’t can or freeze, just eat! I do freeze some of the peppers for cooking. This garden is planted on or the weekend closest to May 15, the first frost-free date in my part of Ohio.

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