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I couldn’t wait for FLF!!! Very exciting news- THE LEAVES ARE OUT!! And one is a half moon! To everyone who has been following this journey thank you, and this is so truly exciting to me! If you guys have any more tips I will gladly accept any advice. 😊
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2” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
Looks happy to me!
@tango my tip is don’t help the leaves get born! Lol
@ForFoxSake haha yes! So hard to do especially with that one that looks almost all pink, but I’m trying my best! 😊 💖
@tango just keep misting. That’s the best thing you can do to prevent leaf imperfections.
So cute 🥹
agree w @ForFoxSake that i mist constantly as new philo leaves are emerging so they don't hit a snag
I don’t have a princess (yet) but I have a birkin that puts out leaves half white/half green or pure white. I didn’t know about misting new leaves. I’ll have to start. I love this guy
@Sassylimey that is SO true!!! Most of my philos are like that
@RJG @ForFoxSake I should have done that with my silver sword… 😅 @Sassylimey why is that so true!? 😂 👠 @Kwanna that’s a beautiful birkin! I didn’t know either so we can start together. 😊
@kscape 😁😁💖
@tango funny story- I just misted it and set it down, but as I put it down it fell and the dirt stuck to the wet leaves. 🤣 There’s my life in a nutshell.
@tango thanks. I got my birkin in my fave local nursery. It was the only one they had and sorta hidden. Sometimes u get lucky. It’s older and fuller than most i see for sale online 🌱🌈.

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