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Alert 🚨 Lowes Restock 🚨 My lowes has the most beautiful snake plants, a Monstera restock, some philodendron Brazil, some calathea musaica!, some global green and Baltic blue pothos, even some hoya hanging baskets for 14$! New syngonium and cacti/succulent varieties!! AND A FULL STOCK OF 6in ADANSONII WITH CERAMIC POTS!!! And so much more!! This is the most stocked I’ve seen my lowes and with such good prices and I’ve never seen half these plants before in person y’all runnnn!!! #DealAlert #PlantingOnABudget #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #restock #GregGang #NewPlants #CalatheaCrew #PothosPack #MonsteraMob #SnakePlant #MonsteraAdonsonii #Syngonium #PhiloFlock #HoyaHangout #plantmommo #NKYGregGroup #CactusClique #SucculentSquad
Wow!!! That’s amazing! Beautiful snake plants there too. 😊
Wish your Lowes was nearby. 😊
😍 my Lowes always has awesome plants too! Be careful to check to repot quickly though. My last haul had almost all.root bound plants. One was growing far below the bottom of the pot and I was afraid there would be too much trauma to repot
Thanks for the Lowes tip. Never been in one in my life. So I found the closest and off i went (about 1/2 hour away). They supposedly had full yucca trees for $15. Well I didn’t find any yuccas but I did find some nice damaged plants they let me have for $8 or $9. I’m excited 😊

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