Posted 1w ago by @nikkiteen

Seen people with cool Greg-themed profile pictures so I made my own hahahah!! It’s like winter wonderland where I am in Canada, but this picture describes my mood lmaoo #GregGang
Very cool!
@jaysjungle thank you so much! ❀️ I had fun making this honestly
@nikkiteen This is way too awesome!
@nikkiteen I’m in TN and we don’t have our own one. I have no idea who and how to make these. I this @hoyahead had made some, I think.
Cool 😎
Love this, it's so cool 😎
@KikiGoldblatt thank you so much! ❀️ I noticed a few people had these, the ones that @HoyaAddict and @RJG have were my inspiration πŸ€— they are the cutest so I had to hahaha
@SeasonedGollum thank you so much! ❀️❀️
@Sassylimey aww thank you so much! ❀️
I love it!
@PlantMompy thanksss! ❀️❀️
Awwww I want one!!
Lmao I love it!
Very cute and pink 🌸
Love this! It’s awesome οΏΌ
Ahhh it’s so cool I love it! Tropical Greg 🀩
Mine is based on my Poochie Tiabeanie 🀩
@HoyaAddict thank you so much! And omgggg that’s so cute, I love it even more now!
@HoyaAddict hahaha tropical Greg is my vibe rn
@nikkiteen A fantastic vibe! πŸ₯°

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