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Welcoming new aeonium and greenovia roses! 😍 What's your ...

One of our loved and favorites are the #Aeonium. We are welcoming two beauties in small pots to our shelves this week. The #GreenoviaRoseSucculent is definitely a top choice. We purchased the β€œEl Hierro” and the β€œLittle Love Letter”, both arriving soon. I love roses and have fallen in love with these in the last few years. Succulents that look like roses and take forever to wither? Yes, please! 😍😍😍 What’s your favorite succulent?
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These are gorgeous!😍 I’ve seen the first one but not the second, I’m sure they will be happy on your shelvesπŸ’š
I have never seen the second one. It is awesome. Thanks for sharing. πŸ₯°
Very cool! I’ve considered getting some of these! You might have inspired me to go ahead and do that! :)
I am an Aeonium fan as well. I can't wait for my tree Aeoniums to get big and start branching!
@Propa Thank you for that. They’ll be with the others I already have and keep indoors. They won’t thrive outdoors in Texas.
@SportyWhiskfern Hi there. It’s a pleasure to share. I know there are quite a few of these and I’ve been on the lookout for them. I love roses so a succulent that looks like a rose is definitely on my radar. ☺️
@ModestTamarind Yay! They’re easy to care for and take a while to open up. My first one took an entire year and it’s been in the shape of a rose for another full year. The cluster looks like a small tree and it may be your best bet if you want multiple roses. You can buy them individually but I’m not entirely sure how long they take to multiply. I’m waiting to see when it’ll happen with the oldest one I have. Fingers crossed!
@UltraKoreanfir They are interesting, aren’t they? Nice to virtually meet you, fellow Aeonium lover!
@AnthuriumQueen that’s great information. Thank you so very much!!! I’m excited!! I’ll cross my fingers for you too!!!
@AnthuriumQueen of course😊 yeah I figured, succulents have been dropping out here like crazy from what I’ve been reading
@Propa yes, a friend lost their Agave and they were devastated. My oldest Agave are hanging in there but I’m not sure how much more they can take. The sun is extra spicy this year.
@ModestTamarind let me know if and when you get one. They’re definitely a work of art.
@AnthuriumQueen oh wow I’m surprised to hear that about an agave especially πŸ˜” I had some suffering when I was moving them and they were waiting outside for sure. But then I have some pothos that are flourishing outside and I can’t quite understand it πŸ˜‚ my Cebu blue and lemon meringue are exploding so I’ve left them be to see what happens for now πŸ€”
@AnthuriumQueen What a coinciding I just ordered a Greenovia yesterday, I took one look at them and had to have one. Will be arriving between 9-7 & 9-14. No self control whatsoever! What is a person to do??!!
@Propa I’m in a different elevation than the rest of town. I’m up higher. Much higher. My precious Agave are definitely struggling a bit but I’m hopeful they pull through.
@Ms.Persnickety we order the plants and anxiously wait for their arrival. ☺️ It’s all we can do.
These are so pretty! I’ve never seen these before 😍🏡️
@TidyTigerpear I was in awe the first time I saw them. They are very pretty roses that stay in bloom for a very long time. This is a plus since it’s like having an everblooming bouquet!