Posted 4M ago by @HyggeVibes

I wanted to show y’all all the beautiful roots on my WATER plants; diffenbachia and snake plants. 🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱
I just have they some nice new fresh water and put them back in their happy place for the evening sunshine. 🌞
. #dirtfree #soilfree #waterplants #Diffenbachia #SnakePlant
They looks great. Have they always been in water or did you transition it from soil?
@Sleepysunday transitioned about 2 years ago.
Wow!! So beautiful!!
@missjazzage thank you ☺️
Do you add fertilizer for the snakeplant? beautiful 😍
@loveroftropics I do not. Some do really well as thrive, some do not.

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