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Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a good Easter & weekend! ...

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a good Easter & weekend!
Here are some pictures from recently. (With updates)
1&2- Star Cactus- forming a bloomstalk, (1) it bloomed last year with 2 flowers. They are a cream/pink color. Can’t wait to see it this year, I recently have been keeping it outside in indirect sun. it’s still too much light, so the color is a lil darker then normal. I’m going to move it back inside in my southern window.
3. Calico Kitten Crassula- repotted and watered it. Has lots of new growth. They tend to be fast growers so I’m hoping this one will be the same. I absolutely love the colors!
4. Sedeveria ‘Spring Jade’- repotted this one this weekend. I’ve had it outside, but only keep it in full sun in the morning till about 10-11am, I then move it to shade, or filtered lighting (southern window) Inside. This one is super pretty & healthy so im gonna make sure it stays happy! 🌿🤗
5. Sedeveria ‘Silver frost’🪴 - I also recently moved this one outside, so it’s been in full sun. It was etoliating inside, so I’m hoping that will get better within the next week in better lighting. SIDE NOTE- I had a hard time identifying this when i first got it, I’ve had it under several things, however I recently saw Sedeveria ‘Silver frost’ and felt it was a better fit. This plant isn’t on Greg, I tried to add it but it wouldn’t allow me. Does anyone know why? #GregFeedback #GregGang #SucculentSquad #SucculentLove #Succulents #Succulent #GrowingSuccs #NewGrowth #Haworthia #Sedeveria #Crassula #StarCactus bloomingSuccs">#bloomingSuccs #HappyPlants #PlantAddict #gregteam
3” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
@TidyTigerpear thanks for the photos, I am wondering if you should contact Greg support to have that plant added?
@Seymour I may have too 🧐
@TidyTigerpear happy to help. I’ll forward this to the team to have the Sedeveria ‘Silver Frost’ added in our database. I’ll keep you posted.
@👻 thank you!