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hey guys hope you all have had a great week! Mine flew by...

hey guys hope you all have had a great week! Mine flew by! 😊🌱🌀️ (warning, long plant rant) ~
I have good news regarding sanders my ghost plant that was thriving all summer to fall… & then WINTER CAME.. 😀 she & her babies suffered some frost damage. she was so big/full but the temp caused her to loose most of her leaves, & become soft due to her cells bursting from being too cold.. after all that care and time i felt so silly & defeated, after I thought I had lost her completely to something so preventable! But now for some good news; she is now showing signs of recovery as well as new growth/new leaves! I’m so happy to see I could save her & her babies! Ghost plants are really awesome, so resilient & versatile! They truly are tough & seem to be able to handle just about anything that comes their way! 😏πŸͺ΄
3. Repotted baby Echeveria β€˜Seraphina’ πŸͺ΄
4. Pachyphytum β€˜moon silver’ one of them has a baby growing off of it, it’s been there a while but it’s finally forming into its own plant with roots an all! I think I I will leave it for now.. 🌱
5. More new growth on my crassula β€˜calico kittenβ€™πŸ’œ #NewGrowth #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #SucculentLove #SucculentSquad #Succulents #Succulent #Echeveria #GhostPlant #Crassula #Pachyphytum #GrowLights #RescuePlants
4” pot with drainage
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i feel you, i watered on a cold day and one of my favorite succulents was toast :( i’m really glad your plant recovered though! and your crassula is super cute
Looking good! I got some ghost plants cuttings yesterday and a lot of the leaves were questionable from cold. 🀞🏻 They root and are viable.
@Charli3Plant yes ghost plants are the easiest to propagate I had some leaves and they all started rooting and grew plants but I didn’t keep up with them the way I should have so they didn’t make it :( bright light and water is key. Don’t over mist them, because powdery mildew is a risk with sitting water , I’ve lost quite a few that way