Posted 1Y ago by @SpikeKing19

Ant plant came with ants?

I just got this ant plant today and it's full of ants! I'm just wondering if the seller had them with ants or they came some time on the way ðŸĪ”. Now I don't need to worry about quarantining it since the ants will protect their home but it's going to make it hard to water or keep food out 😅ðŸĨē. #happyplants #plantaddict #antplant #wishlistplant
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
I can say for sure, water away! The ants will just spread out and hang out on the leafs while the water recedes.

I had ants colonize my indoor Zebra Plant! I watered it and all they did was run to dry parts of the pot and plant! 😕
If you want to get rid of them and don't want to go for the chemicals (I've been using very watered down Ortho Home Defense ever since 'Operation: Colonize Zebra' happened) you can try 2 ounces peroxide mixed with 22-24 ounces water and water the soil with that (it should kill the eggs). Repotting the plant in fresh soil and cleaning the pot with vinegar (to get rid of the ant scent) should get rid of the big guys.
@PerfectPinkpoui sadly they live in the caudex of the plant so this won't work but thank you for trying to help 😊 💚.