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I’m really just out here buying plants like there’s no to...

I’m really just out here buying plants like there’s no tomorrow 🤣🤭🤷🏻‍♀️😁 the dieffenbachia is for a friend’s birthday but I am definitely going back for one of my own when I have the money 😍🪴💖 #PlantHaul #CantStopWontStop #PlantAddict #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #HappyPlants #PlantTherapy #PLANTMAFIA #Dieffenbachia #Pansies #SansevieriaSaturday #SnakePlant #SnakePlantSquad #MarbleQueenPothos #MomWantedHerOwn #PothosPack #GregGang #babevila
What a great haul ! I just bought my son a peace lily. I could give him one of mine but I can’t part with one of them so I bought him one of his own. I found a nice one for 7.95 at Home Depot. I also found a lemon lime dragon tree for him. Those should be good easy plants for him. Got one for me also , a lemon lime that is. I originally went for cactus soil and vermiculite but you know if you get anywhere near a plant they turn on the charm and you are going home with a plant or 3 or 5.
@SportyWhiskfern omg I know! I actually avoided Home Depot today, even though I need more succulent soil and seed starting soil, specifically because I know if I step foot in there, I’m coming out with plants 😂 So, I went to the grocery store to grab bread and milk and a birthday card. And came out with all this. I can’t help myself. And I know exactly what you mean! I have such a hard time parting with a single plant of mine, even if I have 6 of them. They are my babies. Lol. I think your son will love his plants! Good choices! 💚
That’s the biggest mood 🥹 But luckily there’s no such thing as too many plants 🫣😇 What a beautiful haul! ☺️🪴
@signorebean thank you!! I totally couldn’t afford it lol. But I’m definitely going back for my own huge dieffenbachia 🤣 I have a problem
We all have a problem!😵‍💫🥴🤪. Although I’ve been rearranging my plants , most have been living in south windows for the winter but had to move them out of the south window now the last couple weeks because it is now too much for them. And I’m running out of places to put them for summer. So may have to stop adding plants. lol!🙌❤️🤪🌱💕🥰
That must be a GOOD friend!
@debbiedo she really is! Lol. I am so excited to give it to her! 🤗🪴