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OMG. I Just repotted this end of June. Today I noticed roots coming out of the bottom. Should I repot this again? #jodisplace #polkadotplant #newgrowth #rootporn #happyplants #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantaddict #greggang #jodisplace
You don’t have to unless the roots are pressed up against the sides of the pot. Those roots are just happy and peaking through to say hello. It should be fine.
What size pot did you move from/to?
I wouldn’t. Polka dot plants like to be almost root bound before repotted
She went from a 4 inch to a 6 inch. I do have her sitting on a people tray @PlantNerds @fabiana maybe she got thirsty and reaching for πŸ’¦ should I trim those roots off?
@Stall54Jo Yea most likely and you can if you would like! Wont hurt if u do
That pot is so cute! This happens to me almost every time I repot. I just let them do their thing. The roots will often realize it's better inside the pot. πŸ˜‚
@fabiana Do they propagate quickly? I have one that has gotten really leggy and I was thinking about cutting the top and starting over.
@bluebladeliger I’ve never tried propagating mine but they probably do. To keep it bushy I just keep pinching the new growth. I would try that first because with propagating you just never know!
@fabiana Thanks! I’m a little hesitant to pinch the new growth because there are no leaves on the bottom half of the stem.
@bluebladeliger Well when you do 2 new leaves grow lower on the stem and 4 grow from where you pinched. It’s a really good trade but I also understand. Cutting our babies is tough :(
@fabiana Oh, okay! I might give that a try instead of propagation. I was having some trouble with this one (not enough light) and I finally have it in a spot where it’s growing nice leaves now, but they’re all right at the end of this long twig, lol.
Great conversation @bluebladeliger @fabiana I did not know about pinching to cause it to Bush out. Mine is growing very well but is also leggy. Thanks for that information.
@Stall54Jo Of course! I’m glad it helped
@bluebladeliger Lol some plants just need a good pruning. She’ll be happy in no time 😊
@fabiana Sounds like that’s what mine needs, lol! 😊 Thank you so much for all the advice!

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