Posted 3M ago by @TryingMyBest650

Goats for Fire Safety!
Yesterday morning we were surprised to find about 100 goats behind our apartment building. They seem to have appeared out of nowhere but apparently this is common in certain parts of California. The goats are rented out to eat up the undergrowth and dead brush to help naturally prevent forest fires! Our new fave activity has become #goatwatching! #nature #HappyPlants
That's fantastic!🐐
@CoolNoblefir it’s so cool!
Smart idea πŸ’‘
You're gonna be shocked at how fast they can clear the land; this is a very effective method, and super cute too!
@tmbryant37 I wish I had known they were coming or I would’ve taken a before photo to compare. Either way, it’s super cute & fun to watch!

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