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Reprieve?! After some eventful days in which I decided to...

After some eventful days in which I decided to never trust any advice ever again ("broad mites go for the leaves," they said. "Maybe some new growths and flowers, but that is it," they said), I finally found out, why it seemed like my mite treatment was working at first (less and less mites on the leaves), but then... not. I thought they were breeding on the leaves and they were too small to see in this stage. And that the treatment only worked momentarily.
But nu-uh. Closer inspection revealed them in the pots of *all* of my orchids, happily crawling over the stems and munching on cocos chips and roots and multiplying.
This led to me having a bit of a fit of rage and when I came to, half my collection (most of the tiny babies) was bare rooted in front of me in a pile, sprayed down to the roots with horticultural oil.
Also, I got the dehumidifier running 24/7.
I know I will not get all of them like that and the sudden drop in humidity will not be well- received by some orchids, but I've had it with those stupid things. Lower humidity means no way for them to travel between plants, so no possible crossinfection. If they stay in the pots, they can stay there until lower temperatures promise better success in eradicating them completely. My humidity has now dropped by more than 15%, I repotted the bare-rooted ones after some days - in as sterile a substrate as possible, and apart from two fussy oncidiums, all those I have not yet repotted will be kept isolated and bonedry. even the babies. When I water, I will do so sparingly, and every second watering will be with horticultural oil. If one or two plants don't like it, so be it. I've had it.
Die mites, die!!!!
Uh.... back to the original topic: I just wanted to say, you know, I now know why my treatment hasn't worked up until now, and I am seeing first signs of success. *clears throat* And that if you have signs of broad mites, to maybe check and treat the soil/the roots as well. #pestcontrol #orchidlovers