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I repotted some plants today because it is very calming and therapeutic for me to do that. I put three into a bigger blue pot, and the two in square containers were sharing just one container and needed more space. I’m hoping my bear paws starts to grow bigger now that it’s not in such a tiny pot anymore. #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #SucculentLove #SucculentSquad #Succulents #Succulent #repotted #CactusBox
@Jana85 when are you gonna become a plant arrangement professional?
@Jana85 can I just say that looking at your oasis is a pleasure and I’m a wee bit jealous. Seriously though I love your succs and your pots and arrangements. Everything flows nicely and is very pleasing to the eye! I have succulent envy…
@Lithopslover that would be my dream job for sure! Hahaha! Can I quit my day job yet? 😆😆😆
@Wickedlemons that is super sweet of you!!! Succulents are definitely my favorites—I struggle with tropical houseplants. I see you have a chenille plant, and I have one also! Mine has been living on my deck since springtime, when I bought it. Have you tried to keep one inside over the winter? I really hate to let it go with all my other annuals because it is such a breathtaking plant, but I don’t know if it can be saved or not.
@Jana85 miss orchid girl on YouTube has people pay her to pot orchids im sure people would pay for you to make arrangements for them
@Lithopslover I don’t think I could do that where I live. I’m in rural eastern Kentucky, where people generally don’t have money for nonessential things like this. I am actually very fortunate to be able to afford this hobby, honestly. Maybe one day when I retire I can do that just for fun, and sell them just so I can keep making more and continue playing in dirt and plants. 😂 I could do that all day, every day, and I think I’d never tire of it.
@Jana85 I’ve never tried but I am planning to move it to my greenhouse this winter to see if I can keep it! I love it.
@Wickedlemons do you have a heated greenhouse? I have a little 6 x 8 greenhouse but I don’t heat it. I could put the chenille in there and see what happens, I guess. If it survives, it’ll just be a pleasant surprise I guess. Lol
@Jana85 yes mines heated so I want to try. I was thinking about splitting it up into a smaller plant and bringing one inside to see which one does better 🤷🏻‍♀️.
@Wickedlemons I wish mine was heated. That would be amazing! How do you heat yours, if you don’t mind?
@Jana85 I bought this one off Amazon. I have a 6x10 greenhouse. ETA: I haven’t used this one yet. I just got it and will be using it this winter. I was not heated before. I’m also redoing the floor of my greenhouse currently. I had it on dirt. I couldn’t keep the temps or humidity in any range. Im switching over to sand and brick. So I don’t have anything in there right now.
Nice job....looks amazing 🤩
@Wickedlemons I really like the look of that. I hope you make some posts in the future about using it, and how well it works for you. I’ve been using a propane heater to get through those “freeze warning” nights in springtime, and this looks like it might be a better option. That’s exciting.
@PlantEsteem thank you so much!!
It looks pretty! 🙂 that first pot with arrangement looks amazing and neat! ☺️🤩
@vvvelo thank you so much!

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