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Got these brain-butt-looking cuties yesterday, and one of them had a flower bud which opened during the trip to their new home πŸ₯° #plantsmakepeoplehappy #happyplants #succulentlove #livingstones #lithopsarmy #bloomingsuccs
3” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
How precious!!! How have you been @awwtmn ?? Glad to see your post! πŸ₯°
I killed the only one I ever had. Looks like you got a cutie!
Perfect for #WhatTheSuccWednesday!
The one flowering is a hookeri probably the best species in my heart
@PlantEsteem thank you so much for these kind words!πŸ₯² I've been not super great, having no energy to do anything. But hopefully something like vacation will help me soon. I hope you're doing well!
@PrimeChinarose oh noo! I've never had a plant like these stones and I hope I won't kill many of them 😬 but I guess the best way to do it is to stay away from them with your water and give enough light 😁 so I'll do my best, because they look reeeeeaaally cute, I want them to last long.
@Lithopslover yes, it looks so amazing 😍 I didn't know what species to choose when I was identifying them because it seems that there's not only one in the pot. Could you tell me what I have here besides the hookeri?
I hope you feel energized soon and that vacation happens! πŸ₯° @awwtmn it was SO nice to see your post...... and if you have any new art to show off. ..I'm all eyes!! 🀩🀣
@PlantEsteem thank you πŸ€— I'll see if I have anything else plant related 🌸
@awwtmn in the pot I see two hookeri, 1 fulvicep, the rest are either aucampiae or lesliei
Your oasis plants are so beautiful. πŸ’š
@Pegster awww thank you πŸ€—

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