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Just like the real jungle, #jaysjungle is constantly growing and changing!
I've narrowed down my Aroids to my few favorite Monsteras & Philodendron, with a few rando faves in there.
All to make room for all these hoyas that I'm hoping will explode soon! I've added the red light up there for the hoyas that love to sunstress to get some beautiful colors on the foliage.
. #jaysjungle #plantshelfie #hoyaheads #hoyahangout #philoflock #philoaddict #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantcorner
@jaysjungle wow the name Jays Jungle fits. Maybe a πŸ™ˆ could swing on some of the vines? Wow is all I can say.
@KikiGoldblatt just wait till the 60-something hoya hiding in there start shooting out vines! 😲 πŸ˜†
Let us know if the red light helps!
Wow I love me some jays jungle looks absolutely beautiful
That looks awesome. Now you need a separate Jays Desert area all full of cacti and succulents
It looks amazing!!
Like this a lot
@DefiantDndylion I know it will, I've used this same one to sunstress them before!

Thanks @Indoorgreens!
@SirLiquorice I have one! Although smaller until I get some more experience with them. Just got all these within the last 6-8 weeks, so 🀞!

Thank you @Propa & @NoblyOkra & @Bru!
@jaysjungle you got a lot of my favorite types. Euphorbia obesa are always super cool. I want to get a male to go with my female one.
@SirLiquorice that would be so cool! It's one of the ones I'm really rooting for!
@jaysjungle what kind are you using?
@DefiantDndylion what kind of lights?
@jaysjungle lol yes! Sorry I was having a moment with a plant and didn’t complete my thought!
@DefiantDndylion there is a whole mix of plant lights and grow bulbs in there, 5 or 6 different kinds! The red one I actually got so long ago that I can't find it in my order history. All came from amazon and pretty cheap. I just make sure they are full spectrum and check reviews.
Your gardens are just beautiful. Your plants all look so healthy

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