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There he grows!! #SpiderPlant #upcycledpot #metalpot #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #HappyPlants #Nallon
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
@Nallon love your planter. Pretty nifty If you ask me.
@KikisOasis thank you! It’s safe to say, not much gets thrown out in this house if it can be repurposed for plants! 🌱
Spider plants love being indestructible
@RJG and honestly they’re thriving in the metal pots, had a chat on my last post and we worked out it’s a similar thing to planting nails or pennies in the soil. I just have to watch out for rust, but it’s not hard to replace the pots! They’re such beasts and I love them 🌱
@Nallon planting nails or pennies? is that a thing ?
@RJG yes! It helps add minerals to the soil over time, but we think the pot is doing that for me! It’s a pretty old school trick my grandma used to do!
@hellolovely I’m pretty sure it’s a universal trick! But I’ve noticed how happy my spiders are with the pots 🌱
@Nallon what a way to put something to use. I love it.
@RJG but how did I kill mine 😒 that bottom of the leaves started turning brown and were mushy so I removed all of the ones that were which was 95% if not more of them. Here is what’s left. ☹️
@KikisOasis a smaller pot, maybe an old tin can or coffee tin, lots of drainage, and possibly some bark mixed in to that potting mix and that should hopefully perk it up!
@KikisOasis they like being a little root bound so it may be feeling a bit unstable in such a big pot
@KikisOasis idk. I'm not actually an expert in spiders at all. just the reputation they have!
I’m so into this thread! πŸ₯«I was the one who saw something about pennies or nails on YouTube. I love that your grandma confirmed it! So cool that you discovered it yourself using that coffee can. I’m living vicariously through your tin can plant journey until my baby sprouts roots. I’m already eyeing what can she’ll go in.
@Hypsie I thought it was you but didn’t want to tag you just in case! Yes, as soon as I told my mum about our conversation she said her mum did it! As soon as your baby is big enough I’d love to see them in their new home! 🌱 TeamCan forever here ✨
@Nallon I agree about the pot size.
@Nallon that cool can you do it
Yuhooo 🀩🀩🀩🀩
@Nallon it was in a smaller pot so I might just repot her in it again. I just hope the leaves will regrow. She was a stunning plant.
@KikisOasis I guess you need to reduce your watering frequency, spider plant in my case with practice they became exactly as your picture when you consistently keep your soil moist.
Allow the soil to completely dry hard and wait for more couple of days before start watering it.
Is the plant in the mouth opening, or did you widen the top?! I’ve tried using a can open on the top of cool beverage cans and WOOF, that did NOT work
@fueledbykaty to make this one I used a can opener to widen the top, then used a drill / nail and hammer to add the drainage in the bottom, drainage is key here for metal pots. The other thing is, spider plants don’t mind being a bit tight in the pot so the narrow but deep pot isn’t an issue for them. It’s all trial and error for me, and I’ve lost a few plants along the way, but cans and spiders are a winning combo for me at least!
@Hypsie I’ve always heard that - about putting a rusty nail in the pot. I’ve often wondered if it was true but I’ve been doing it anyway.
My one spider ready to outsource and I can’t wait to try this planter! Great share l!

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