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These little pots of dirt are hopefully soon to produce m...

These little pots of dirt are hopefully soon to produce my new bonsai trees for my garden I’m going to create with them! I have never planted seeds my self i have faith I’ve learned enough to get them going and I will keep learning throughout the process I have 1 bonsai tree now her name is Serenity she was my very first bonsai but also my very first plant she is what has motivated me to learn as much as I have and to keep learning. I just want to tell everyone about when I bought Serenity. Everyone doubted me, they said they are so hard to take care of and need so much attention and love. So they judged me off of my past, I am a recovered drug addict I was a terrible that God decided I needed to be saved. And that’s what God did! Saved me showed me a path of self forgiveness, love and growth. I can truly say I am not that guy anymore I am a good man with a wonderful life! God has taken all my want and urge away and taught me love and passion. This is why I lovel my plants so much especially because nobody but I can dictate my future except I! I love my life and my family! My plants are my family! #FamilyFirst
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You need to always remember that in his eyes, you will always be enough. We have all done things that we aren’t proud of and we all wrestle with our own demons. I’m so proud of you for accepting the challenges that were in front of you and putting yourself first to put those behind you. I was dealing with issues and caring for others and getting involved with plants really helped. I wish you luck in all your endeavors 🤗
@Ninabeena Thank you so much I really appreciate hearing that! I will never give up again!