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Trigger warning: insects.

Flowers of philodendrons emit pheromones which attract male beetles of the subfamily Dynastinae and Rutelinae. These beetles are responsible for the pollination of these plants!
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So cool! Also a little icky.
@FreshWidow I’m with you on that!!
I third, @FreshWidow
Aka plant to never own especially inside your home
Very cool though!
These guys get pollinated in the wild this way :) you don’t need to worry about pollination in your home! Unless of course you live where these guys grow!
@FreshWidow @TJphilobsessed I should have put a trigger warning! I apologize if you guys are grossed out by bugs!
@Kaleyeeaah Bugs are fine by me! I even like beetles! πŸͺ² Just not that many in one location…and covered in pollen…
Now I need pet beetles haha
Super cool. You usually only think of "bee's" as common pollinators.... You'd never think this beetle would be one! Nifty!
No worries! It’s cool and creepy - besides plant people kinda understand bugs right? Lol
No! Just no! I love all of God’s creation, but some just need to be far away… what happens if no pollination occurs? #thingsididntknowwhenidecidedtobePlantlady
@BalancedBonsai that you eradicate them without mercy?
When it’s necessary yes - if it saves the plants- the bugs have to go. Don’t get me wrong, I catch bugs inside and release outside.
@Rockys_peace22 then no new plant! Lol. The ones we have in our homes aren’t pollinating more, so no beetles for me! πŸ˜‚
@Kaleyeeaah Molly, thank you so much for posting these fascinating images! I never knew beetles pollinated. This is so cool even my husband is into it!
@Kaleyeeaah really amazing pictures! @melodey that’s what I just thought! Pretty interesting stuff!
It's very interesting how so many bugs pollinate plants. For instance Ants make peonies open their blooms. Not that I wouldn't be alarmed if I saw this many bugs in a flower 🀣

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