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#succulentlove This happened a few hours ago 🙈 Called in ...

This happened a few hours ago 🙈
Called in the supermarket didn't get what I wanted but... Got this cute lil echeveria 😍💚
They had some fierce looking 🌵but held back Meet "Gomez" I hope he can bask in the sunshine 🤞🏼 over the weekend
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
I love those pots, gorgeous plants!
Thank you I couldn't walk by empty handed £2.50 pot and all 😍
@Chevysgirl11 absolute bargin, he looks like hew already settling in
Thank you isn't he just adorable 😍
They had some nice cactus too same price but some had I'm not kidding about 5inch long spikes I should of took a Pic I think those would make my nerves bad though 🤣