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I can’t keep my hands off cute plants. I just can’t, it’s my obsession. #ChonkyPlants, plump or flat/wide…I love them all.

Look at these two #Hoya!! I got a #HoyaObovata & #hoyakerrii 🫶🏽 They’re rooted cuttings and have been on my #wishlist ever since I got into them after stalking @sarahsalith & @HoyaAddict’s Oasis MONTHS AGO 😅

I’ve been determined to find cuttings of these but never have! I got so lucky I found them in my local plant group for CHEAP yesterday! Picked them up this morning 🤩 all about #PlantingOnABudget 💸🪴✨

These have been rooting in leca so any and all tips are welcomed! The Obovata is rooting in stratum. I’ve heard of it but never used it. How do I go about watering these? @jaysjungle

Thanks! 🫶🏽🌿
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1ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 days ago
With both LECA & Stratum, just make sure there's enough water in the bottom to wick up.

You can transfer to moss which is more low maintenence. Both of these root really easy, so any method should work well.

You got this! And woo-hoo for more hoya!

Ghost Edit: Upon further review of the roots, you could honestly pot them up now if you want. But it might take a while to see new growth. IME they need pretty established roots before they start really growing. Moss will get there pretty quick. Soil can take longer but IME it makes for a very well established plant once it takes off.
They’re gorgeous congratulations 🥳
Blame it on @HoyaAddict for Gregs obsession with Hoyas!! I'm with you @kscape , I can't get enough Hoyas. It's my new favorite jam right now! Congrats!
@AwesomePlants Mwah ha ha 😈 The hoyas have you all now! Bring on the bloooooms 🤩
Me too lol, I'm slowly but surely grown my Hoya collection, I totally addicted to them 🥰
@HoyaAddict I just screamed!!! Loudly! I see a baby bloom on one!!!
Yay!! My obovata is one of my favorite! Such a cool plant
@AwesomePlants Ahhhhhh! Look at the baby blooom! I have a mathilde about this developed I hope they flower together 🫶🥰 The red on those fresh leaves 🥵
You look like a pro already! I am doing the same with a variegated obovata. I just put my leca on the bottom of the cup and put the stratum
mixed with pon on top. My stem wasn't long enough to do it your way. I see your roots are growing so if it works don't mess with it! Glad you got your wish list plants!